Human Rights Workshop Program and Out-Reach Education for Orang Asli

Orang Asli

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) organised various programmes to uphold the rights of Orang Asli in Malaysia. This includes workshops on the rights of Orang Asli on customary lands, visits to Orang Asli villages and human rights camps for Orang Asli youth. Apart from that, SUHAKAM also played a role in discussions with the government regarding Orang Asli issues as a strategy to attract the attention of the authorities about the problems of this community and to further find a solution together.

SUHAKAM will continue to bridge the gap in Orang Asli educational achievement consistent with children in the mainstream. SUHAKAM will also strive to increase the awareness of Orang Asli Community about the importance of education as one of human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, the Convention on Child’s Rights and Declaration on Orang Asli Rights.

Therefore, SUHAKAM plans to hold awareness programmes on the importance of education for Orang Asli parents by using human rights as a basic programme. In fact, SUHAKAM hopes that through this programme, Orang Asli communities may give their views towards improving the quality of education of Orang Asli children in line with their cultural background and way of life. This is expected to address the school drop-outs issue among Orang Asli children. Input gained will be shared with the Ministry of Education (Malaysia), Department of Orang Asli Development and other agencies in order to study and implementing it into the existing education system.

The objectives of this programme are :-

  1. To increase understanding of parents in Orang Asli communities about in regard to the children’s rights on education
  2. To motivate parents Orang Asli communities to ensure that their children do not drop out of school.
  3. To seek input and suggestions from the Orang Asli parents in regard to the appropriate type of education for their children and in line with the cultural background and way of life of Orang Asli.