Good Governance and Human Rights

Pentadbiran baik dan hak asasi manusia

‘Governance’ is related to the policy or decisions that are formulated and implemented, not a policy or decision itself and, the point is that good governance requires transparent, accountable, equitable, efficient, participatory and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people. Lack of good governance is a certain cause of corruption. This in turn could pose a serious negative impact on human rights and in the end resulted in a growing number of decisions made not to meet the needs and aspirations of society but for personal gain.

Declaration of 1948 requires that every individual and every organ of society to promote and uphold the rights and obligations. So in the discourse of human rights and good governance, the focus should not only be on the government or the public sector. The focus should also be placed on the role played by the two parties of equal importance in this field – the corporate and the society.

Good governance has also been referred to as the exercise of power through political processes and institutional transparency and accountability, and encouraging community participation. When we talk about human rights, we always refer to the standards set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and clarified in a number of international conventions that define a minimum standard to ensure human dignity.

The relationship between good governance and human rights is affirmed in UDHR. This declaration is devoted to all the rights that democratic government must preserved. Article 21 of UDHR defines the extent of the relationship between democracy and human rights. Article 21 clearly states that everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through chosen representatives. Article 21 also states that the will of the people shall be the choice of government; this should be expressed in periodic, fair, and free from any fraud elections.

A united and strong society will act as a watchdog group, to ensure that the government does not deviate from its duty to preserve the rights of every citizen.

The objectives of this workshop are :-

  1. To expose the concept and values of human rights.
  2. To increase knowledge and awareness of current issues involving human rights and their responsibilities as community leaders