30 June Bersih 3.0: Suhakam mulakan siasatan awam Khamis ini pdf (file size : 5 kb) Utusan Malaysia
27 June High Court judge questions legal status of Bersih coalition pdf (file size : 129 kb) The Star
27 June Mahkamah guna peraturan baru pdf (file size : 67 kb) Berita Harian
27 June The next Himpunan Hijau will be called by Lynas pdf (file size : 59 kb) Malaysia Chronicle
27 June So much talk and promises pdf (file size : 144 kb) The Star
26 June A welcome move to improve Malaysia’s human rights goals pdf (file size : 109 kb) News Straits Times
26 June Asylum deal could be solution to many Malaysian shortcomings pdf (file size : 283 kb) The Sydney Morning Herald
26 June The ‘Malaysia Solution’: Has its time now come? pdf (file size : 223 kb) The Malaysian Insider
26 June EU Adopts Strategic Framework On Human Rights And Democracy pdf (file size : 48 kb) Bernama
26 June Kes diplomat terbabit Bersih 3.0 ditangani Malaysia, Singapura pdf (file size : 48 kb) Utusan Malaysia
26 June ASEAN’s Secret Human Rights Declaration pdf (file size : 51 kb) Malaysia Kini
26 June Seven more join ISA hunger strike pdf (file size : 120 kb) Free Malaysia Today
26 June Lima aktivis Royalti cedera sebelum himpunan pdf (file size : 178 kb) Malaysia Kini
25 June The Seventh Meeting of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) pdf (file size : 183 kb) Zambotimes
25 June Malaysia LGBT community demanding rights, end to discrimination pdf (file size : 112 kb) Bikyamasr
25 June R&D: Improving well-being without compromising social values pdf (file size : 57 kb) News Straits Times
24 June Pendidikan keselamatan kanak-kanak perlu ditingkat pdf (file size : 73 kb) Utusan Malaysia
22 June RM1 juta jalan kajian pendidikan Orang Asli pdf (file size : 75 kb) Utusan Malaysia
22 June Upholding the course of justice pdf (file size : 158 kb) The Star
21 June Tujuh inisiatif lonjak kecemerlangan Orang Asli pdf (file size : 71 kb) Utusan Malysia
20 June Kemahiran berkomunikasi tingkatkan perpaduan kaum pdf (file size : 112 kb) Utusan Malysia
19 June Media council: Nazri okay with PPPA abolition pdf (file size : 87 kb) Malaysia Kini
18 June Hanif panel starts probe pdf (file size : 86 kb) The Sun Daily
18 June Panel on Bersih 3.0 starts hearing pdf (file size : 81 kb) The Star
18 June More than 1.3 million illegals registered under amnesty programme pdf (file size : 49 kb) The Star
17 June Case of ethnic tribes and transgenders pdf (file size : 218 kb) The Star
17 June Malaysia concerned with ethnic violence in Rakhine pdf (file size : 48 kb) The Sun Daily
17 June Ban Due To Not Understanding Meaning Of ‘Aurat’, Says Nik Aziz pdf (file size : 48 kb) Bernama
17 June Wisma Putra: Malaysia welcomes probe into ethnic violence in Myanmar pdf (file size : 48 kb) The Star
17 June Proham: Right to appeal must never be removed pdf (file size : 91 kb) The Star
16 June Student activists take advantage of more political freedom pdf (file size : 91 kb) The Star
16 June Imam Of Al-Aqsa Mosque Wants Malaysia To Continue To Pressure Israel For Palestine’s Sake pdf (file size : 47 kb) Bernama