Date Title

15 Dis 2009

Baby-Selling, Another Gross Violation of Human Rights (pdf,34.25kb)

21 Okt 2009

Colloquium On Human Rights For The Judiciary (pdf, 165kb)

29 Ogos 2009

SUHAKAM : Kartika’s whipping (pdf, 44.2kb)

11 Ogos 2009

H1N1: Government to Provide Adequate Health Facilities (pdf, 63.1 kb)

10 Ogos 2009

Suhakam Discussed the Teoh Beng Hock’s Case (pdf, 68.8kb)

06 Ogos 2009

14th Annual Meeting of The Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (pdf, 2.23kb)

06 Ogos 2009

Suhakam Elected to the ICC Bureau (pdf, 59.3 kb)

03 Ogos 2009

SUHAKAM: The Right To Peaceful Public Assemblies Should Be Respected (pdf, 155.0kb)

24 Julai 2009

Suhakam Public Inquiry into the Arrest & Detention of the Five Lawyers of the Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre (pdf, 93.0kb)

17 Julai 2009

SUHAKAM: Human Rights Standards Must be Maintained and Practised during Investigations and Interrogations by the Macc and all other Enforcement Agencies (pdf, 126.6kb)

13 Julai 2009

SUHAKAM to Hold a Public Inquiry on the Arrests of Lawyers (pdf, 38.0kb)

03 Julai 2009

Neutrality of SUHAKAM (pdf, 42.0kb)

18 Jun 2009

Us Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2009: SUHAKAM Disappointed with the ranking (pdf, 43.2 kb)

18 Jun 2009

PS07_Anti Trafficking In Persons (pdf, 42.6 kb)

16 Jun 2009

Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Bill 2009: A Right Direction in Creating Greater Compliance to Human Rights Standards by Enforcement Agencies

12 Mei 2009

The Perak incident (pdf, 58.2 kb)

04 Mei 2009

Freedom of Speech, Expression and Opinion – The Fundamental Human Rights (pdf, 47.0 kb)

06 April 2009

ASEAN NHRIs Forum Website is launched in Manila (pdf, 21.3 kb)

26 Mac 2009

SUHAKAM regrets the suspension of publishing permits of Suara Keadilan and Harakah (pdf, 38.2 kb)

6 Feb 2009

Free To Fair Election Reflect The Will Of The People (pdf, 38.2 kb)

12 Jan 2009

The Government’s decision to debate in Parliament the Israeli aggression in Gaza (pdf, 47.1 kb)

09 Jan 2009

The Cabinet To Direct Five Million School Children (pdf, 36.2 kb)

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