27 Oktober 2010

 Suhakam Gesa Kerajaan Hentikan Penahanan Suspek Pemerdagangan Orang Di Bawah ISA (pdf, 72.5kb)

25 Oktober 2010

 SUHAKAM@Galas: SUHAKAM Lancar Kaunter Aduan Bergerak (pdf, 77.4kb)

09 September 2010

 Human Rights In Malaysia And Moving Forward (pdf, 67kb)

03 Ogos 2010

 Inability To Assemble Peacefully Is A Violation Of Human Rights (pdf, 51.7kb)

21 Julai 2010

 The Rights Of The Indigenous Peoples To Life, Physical And Mental Integrity And Security Should Be Uphold (pdf, 1,277.0kb)

07 Julai 2010

 Suhakam Urges Respect for Freedom of Media (pdf,47.1kb)

24 Jun 2010

 Arbitrary Detention is an Infringement to the Principle of Human Rights (pdf,47.9kb)

22 Jan 2010

 SUHAKAM Retains Its Status ‘A’ (pdf,129kb)

12 Jan 2010

 Fundamental Rights To Freedom Of Religion (pdf,806kb)

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