5 December 2012 Take Immediate Action Against The Human Trafficking Offenders
19 November 2012 AHRD Falls Short Of Expectation
24 October 2012 The Setting Up Of a Parliamentry Select Committee on Human Rights is Welcomed
22 October 2012 Proposed review of the death penalty for drug offences is welcomed
01 October 2012 The work of human rights defenders must be respected and recognised
30 August 2012 Special safeguards and care for child victims must be upheld always
25 August 2012 The right to freedom of expression and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty must be protected and respected
12 July 2012 Repeal of the Sedition Act is Commendable
30 June 2012 SUHAKAM to Commence Its Public Inquiry into the Incidents during and After the Public Assembly of 28 April 2012
24 June 2012 Malaysia Remains at Tier 2 Watch List in the Trafficking In Persons Report 2012
3 Jun 2012 New Secretary Takes Office
28 April 2012 Penerangan awal siasatan awam megenai dakwaan pelanggaran semasa dan selepas perhimpunan awam pada 28 April 2012
21 May 2012 Public Inquiry into the incidents during and after the public assembly of 28 April 2012
12 May 2012 Independent panel must be independent and impartial
3 May 2012 Freedom of Expression and the Right to a Peaceful Assembly Must Be Protected and Respected
16 April 2012 Repeal of the ISA is commendable, review of the new bill is required
23 March 2012 Sesi Pendengaran Awam Inkuiri Nasional ke atas Hak Tanah Orang Asal/Asli di Malaysia
07 March2012 Pendengaran Awam SUHAKAM adalah proses bebas dan terbuka
24 February 2012 Public hearings for The National Inquiry into the land to commence in Sarawak
13 February 2012 Malaysia Should Uphold The Highest Standards In The Promotion And Protection Of Human Rights
31 January 2012 The Rights of The Marginalised Groups Must Be Protected
21 January 2012 Suspended University Students Are Deprived Of Their Rights
05 January 2012 The Right To Assemble And The Safety Of All People Must Be Safeguarded

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