26 October 2013 Malaysia’s Second Universal Periodic Review
10 October 2013 Suhakam Objects To Police ‘Shoot First’ Approach
07 October 2013 Malaysia’s Human Rights Record Up For Second Review On 24 October 2013
28 September 2013 Human Rights Principles Must Be Reflected In The Prevention Of Crime (Amendment And Extension) Bill 2013
06 September 2013 The Best Interests Of The Child Must Be Maintained And Respected
20 August 2013 SUHAKAM Lauds PM’s Assurance For Not Introducing Laws Restricting Human Rights And Liberties
5 August 2013 Report Of The National Inquiry Into The Land Rights Of Indigenous Peoples In Malaysia
12 July 2013 SUHAKAM Welcomes The Government Move To Allow Refugees To Work In Malaysia
27 June 2013 SUHAKAM’s response to the proposal to reinstate Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance (EO)
21 June 2013 SUHAKAM Calls For Greater Protection For Victims Of Human Trafficking And Smuggling
25 April 2013 SUHAKAM’S National Inquiry Report Into The Land Rights Of Indigenous Peoples In Malaysia
17 April 2013 SUHAKAM’s findings from the public inquiry into the incidents during and after the public assembly of 28 April 2012
26 March 2013 SUHAKAM Human Rights Awards 2013
12 March 2013 Respect For Human Rights in Handling Lahad Datu Crisis
12 January 2013 Necessary Spirit Of Goodwill And Accommodation Amongst Parties Involved Ensured Peaceful Assembly
12 January 2013 The Right To Freedom Of Assembly Must Be Respected
10 January 2013 49 Witnesses Testified Before the Panel of the Public Inquiry Into the Incidents During and After the Public Assembly of 28 April 2012

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