Press Statements issued by SUHAKAM in 2014



18 December 2014 SUHAKAM commemorates International Migrants Day on 18 December 2014
8 December 2014
5 December 2014
2 December 2014
28 November 2014 SUHAKAM Supports the Government’s Efforts in Combating Terrorism and Extremism
25 November 2014 SUHAKAM commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November 2014
11 November 2014 The Right of Children To be Free From Violence,Harassment And Bullying
7 November 2014 SUHAKAM’S response to Utusan Malaysia’s report: “Anwar’s case: Bar Council, Suhakam practice double standards”
27 October 2014 SUHAKAM Calls For Prison Reforms In Malaysia
17 October 2014 SUHAKAM Congratulates The Government of Malaysia For Winning UN Security Council Seat
10 October 2014 SUHAKAM Calls For Respect of The Right of Freedom of Religion
9 September 2014 Eight Wins Human Rights Awards On SUHAKAM Day
2 September 2014 SUHAKAM Urges For An Immediate End To The Use Of Sedition Act
15 August 2014
22 June 2014 SUHAKAM Calls On The Government to Intensify Its Effort to Combat Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants
20 June 2014 SUHAKAM Renews Its Call for Sedition Act To Be Repealed
17 May 2014 Sedition Act A Curtailment of The Freedom of Speech and Expression
17 May 2014 SUHAKAM Welcomes The Government’s Commitment to The Principles and Values Of Human Rights
17 May 2014 SUHAKAM Regrets Over The Misperception Of Human Rights
01 May 2014 Peaceful Rally a Positive Outcome of Cooperation Among All Parties Involved
02 April 2014 SUHAKAM calls for legal guarantee that the amended prevention of crime act will be used only as a last resort
21 March 2014 SUHAKAM calls for effective implementation of Malaysia’s second universal periodic review (UPR) outcome
20 February 2014 SUHAKAM calls for nominations for its Human Right Awards 2014
9 January 2014 Ministry of Home Affairs’ statement on Comango a setback for the freedom of association and expression in Malaysia
4 January 2014 Greater tolerance and respect are needed in handling religious issues

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