May 2017




Suhakam wants UN treaty on civil, political rights ratified

Suhakam stresses on ‘free, unbought media’ on World Press Freedom Day

Malaysia should accede to ICCPR without further delay

Malaysians launch petition to ban physical punishments in school

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Today Online

3 May 2017

New action group on missing persons vows not to ‘shut up’

Free Malaysia Today

5 May 2017

Silence is akin to complicity

The Star

6 May 2017

Sabah and Sarawak leaders: Reject Hadi’s Bill

The Star

8 May 2017

Jinjang residents take eviction complaint to Suhakam


12 May 2017

Balamurugan’s wife says she heard him screaming in pain

Jinjang Selatan residents disagree with eviction terms

Free Malaysia Today

The Star

15 May 2017

Human rights for all — Suhakam

Hadi’s bill: Suhakam warns of treaty violations

Suhakam concerned about Act 355 amendments

Rohingya ‘had to drink toilet water’ in Malaysian detention – report

Pengungsi Rohingya di Malaysia Minum Air Toilet

Suhakam pertikai hukuman makin berat bawah RUU 355

Suhakam beri amaran usul Hadi langgar perjanjian antarabangsa

Cops ignored detainees’ screams out of respect for superiors

Cops ignored screams for help from lock-up, Balamurugan inquiry told

A loss of press freedom is a loss for all

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Asian Correspondent


The Malay Mail Online

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Free Malaysia Today


Free Malaysia Today

16 May 2017

‘Hadi’s Bill has far-reaching effects on all’

The Star

17 May 2017

300 Rohingya mark 2nd anniversary of Wang Kelian ‘migrant’ mass graves find

New Straits Times

21 May 2017

MAPIM mahu kes pemerdangangan manusia Wang Kelian diberi perhatian

NGO: Police should go after the big fish involved in Wang Kelian human trafficking deaths

‘Jerung besar’ masih bebas

Astro awani

The Star

Harian Metro Online

22 May 2017

Suhakam, Amnesty urge stay for two Malaysians scheduled to hang tomorrow

The Malay Mail Online

23 May 2017

Task force wants inquest into fifth case of custodial death

Highly immoral and inhumane to continue with executions

Free Malaysia Today


24 May 2017

Memory of Wang Kelian victims must spur fight against human trafficking


27 May 2017



29 May 2017

Suhakam calls for SOP on transgender prisoners

Suhakam: Give mothers in prison proper healthcare, child support

Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

30 May 2017

Dire need for qualified prison doctors

Berita Daily

31 May 2017