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Rumah Ibadat Mesra OKU (Bahasa Malaysia only)

Manual Rujukan Rumah Ibadat Mesra OKU Download

Laporan Rumah Ibadat Mesra OKU Download

Conference Report

  • Report of SUHAKAM’s National Conference on the Death Penalty (2018) Download

Roundtable Discussion on Sustainable Access to Clean Water in Sarawak

  • Access to a regular supply of safe water is a basic human right. Download
  • Access to Water: Civil Society Perspective By Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) Download
  • Kemudahan Bekalan Air : Peranan dan Tanggungjawab Agensi Kerajaan Persekutuan. Download

Human Rights Colloquium for The Judiciary

  • International Human Rights Standards and Administration of Justice – Mr. Homayoun Alizadeh (Regional Representative UNHCR) Download
  • The Local Judiciary & International Human Rights Principles: Setting the Standard and Moving Download
Accessibility To Basic Needs – A Report Of SUHAKAM Seminar On Economic Social and Cultural Rights Download

Convention on The Rights Of The Child – Report of The Roundtable Discussion Download

Human Rights and Election Download

Human Rights and Culture Download

Human Rights and Globalisation Download

Laporan Seminar Memperkasakan Hak-Hak Ibu Tunggal 20 Oktober 2010 Download

Human Rights in Malaysia – The Last 10 Years Download

SUHAKAM Report on the Roundtable Discussion on the Rights of Ethnic Minorities and Marginalized Communities in Malaysia Download Report on The Public Forum on The Ageing With Dignity of Older Person Download

RTD Education on Children with Disabilities Download

Report on Forum on Reducing Violence, Harm and Exploitation of Children Download

Report on the Public Forum on the Right to Health – Achieving Health MDGS Download

Report on Follow-Up Forum of The Right to an Expeditious and Fair Trial Download

Reports Seminar on Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals – Kuching Sarawak Download

Reports Forum on CEDAW in Sabah and Sarawak Download

Report RTD – Rights and Obligations Under CEDAW Download

Malaysian Human Rights Day 2002 – Proceedings of The Conference on Human Rights and Education Download

Human Rights and The Administration of Law Download

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