Attention to the rights of older persons is gaining prominence at the international and regional levels; hence, the Commission feels it important to promote these in Malaysia and has identified the issue as an area of priority in 2013.

Given the length and breadth of issues relating to this set of rights and bearing in mind its own resource limitations, the Commission selected care services and support for caregivers as a practical entry-point. In time to come, it hopes to extend the focus to other areas including issues of discrimination in employment and access to healthcare services.

The Commission has conducted several activities in this area including research, consultations, visits to care institutions and seminars with the relevant key stakeholders. The Commission is in the midst of completing a report on the care services for older persons and support for caregivers. Upon completion of the report, the Commission will hold discussion with the relevant stakeholders on the recommendations of the report as well as to continue to advocate for the rights of older persons in Malaysia.