The Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (CFNHRI) is a platform for national accountability mechanisms to establish networking and share information through experiences and best practices on human rights.

In May 2013, SUHAKAM was appointed as the Chair of CFNHRI after the Australian Human Rights Commission ended its two-year term. It will serve for two years until the next Biennial Meeting, scheduled to take place in March or May 2015. In its capacity as the Chair of CFNHRI, SUHAKAM is responsible for organising meetings, coordinating and drafting input for statements, administering the website, and facilitating projects on thematic issues.

For further information about CFNHRI, please refer to: CFNHRI

St. Julian’s Declaration on Climate Justice

Outcome Statement of 2015 Biennial Meeting of Commonwealth Forum of NHRIs (CFNHRI)

Kigali Declaration on Early and Forced Marriage