The Commission believes that all concerned parties, particularly the Government and law enforcement agencies, should step up efforts to promote and protect human rights. The Government as a Member-State of the UN and the Human Rights Council must fulfill its commitments by ensuring that Malaysia’s laws are in line with international human rights principles.

As such, the Commission has been conducting human rights talks and training programmes for various enforcement agencies where participants were exposed to the nine core international human rights instruments and their principles. The objective is to integrate the concept of human rights into the daily duties of these officials, with particular emphasis on their role in promoting and protecting human rights. To date, the Commission has undertaken various training programs with the following enforcement agencies:

(a)   Police Force

The Commission has conducted human rights talks and training programmes for police officers and personnel since 2002, in collaboration with the Police Training Division of Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur. The programme exposes participants to the need to promote and protect human rights, and develops their ability to prepare human rights-based procedures for subordinates in executing their daily tasks, duties and responsibilities.

(b)   People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA)

Since 2007, the Commission has been conducting human rights awareness workshops for RELA district officers and new recruits to enable them to recognise and uphold the human rights of the public. The programme aims to assist them to test procedures and their conduct in relation to fundamental human rights.

(c)    Prison Department

The Commission has been conducting human rights training programmes for prison officials since 2005. The training programmes exposes the prison officials on international human rights standards relevant to their work and the need to understand and respect the rights of prisoners, especially children, women and juveniles, with emphasis on the rehabilitation of prisoners.

(d)   Local Authorities

The Commission has been conducting human rights courses for enforcements officers from local councils in several states by working with the Training Centre for Local Authorities. The aim is to sensitise enforcement officials to human rights in performing their tasks. Among the key aspects highlighted in the lectures include human rights of the officers themselves, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), children and women. Complaints received by the Commission are also shared with the local authorities alongside practical solutions to address the issues raised, such as the lack of infrastructure in public places to meet the needs of PWDs.